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Who is it for?
The performance membership is for people who want to make as much progress as possible. Here at Super Training, we know that absolutely anyone can benefit from a structured approach to moving better and increasing performance. Not everyone is going to be a competitive athlete but everyone can become more athletic. Life is easier if we are capable of moving and lifting efficiently and without pain. No matter who you are you will get access to the best knowledge, support, guidance and equipment.
How does it work?
The first step is to use the link to book in for your initial assessment. You don’t need to be a member yet; you can decide whether you want to sign up after the first session. The first session will be a 15-20 minute chat with our head of programming (GB Head Coach Henry Tosh) to get some background information. That will be followed by a 60-75 minute screening process.
What does the assessment cover?
Anatomy - we are all made slightly differently and that means some exercises are more suitable than others for each person. Some exercises will cause pain in some but not others.
Mobility - this is how much movement you are able to access within your anatomy. Are you too tight in some areas and too loose in others?
Stability - how much control of your movement do you have? You might have good mobility but can't control how you move so well.
What happens next?
After Henry has finished evaluating you, he will then take you through all the exercises that are going to make up your first 4 week block of training.
Once he's happy that you can perform all the techniques correctly your assessment will be over.
Your first training session
When you next come into the gym there will be a folder with your name on it next to reception. In that folder will be printouts with your first 4 training sessions on them. Each session will have a description of every exercise technique and video links to demonstration videos as well. Simply fill out the sheet as you complete the workout and then post the sheet into the program collection slot before you leave the gym.
Future support and progress
Each week a new set of sessions will be written, printed out, and placed into the folder. Depending on how your progress is going these will be made gradually harder each week. After 2 weeks you'll be booked in to see Henry again so he can teach you some more advanced techniques to build on the progress you've made.
By following the sessions and having regular check-ins you will make consistent progress.

What is the Performance Membership?